“Media Culture” is a term used to define 20th century western civilization, as influenced by the invention of mass media.

      When we started we were a creative ad agency. Time and the requirements of our industry have evolved us into a modern media agency. Because ad agencies were built and structured based on how the world used to be – not how the world is.

      At Mistress, you need a TV spot? No problem. You need a show concept for Snapchat or a live-streamed event? We do that too. How about a million followers, a million likes or a million views? Our team excels in getting you there. Want to convert those fans into business results? That’s what we do.

      Because what brands need today far exceeds creative concepts or independently developed media plans.

      In today’s modern media culture, brands will either learn to thrive or they will die.


      Building a brand takes discipline and insight, even 更多 so in today’s digital culture. Mistress knows how to find audience insights, a market opening, or a positioning opportunity against old-school players or new tech start-ups. We then translate those findings into a plan that manifests a brand’s purpose to win within a hyper-competitive marketplace.

      Our internationally-awarded creative department crafts stories from brand positioning, brand truth and audience insight. The work is executed and built for today’s media landscape and digital platforms: TV, live activations, skippable preroll, Snapchat stories, muted autoplay, short-form Instagram originals and multi-part branded content documentaries.

      There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” content playbook. For example, how will you create this content? What form will it take? Should you partner with a platform? Which ones? How will it roll out? YouTube versus Facebook versus your own site?

      We specialize in understanding the strengths of each platform and partner, and in creating content that maximizes opportunities across video, mobile, apps, social and more.

      Brands used to wield the power of push and beat consumers into submission but those days are gone. Today, brands need to work more like media entities and pull consumers in, keep them, and ultimately help them help you. That’s why at Mistress we have combined the worlds of connections planning, media buying and community management into one team. This unit focuses on developing a brand’s audience by setting rigorous KPIs and then strategizing how to convert that into desired business results.

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